• Ready for GDPR?

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is almost upon us and so we have produced this website to help churches with their compliance with this new Regulation.

    GDPR comes into force on the 25th May 2018. It gives more rights to people on how their data can be used and affects all organisations that hold data on European Union Citizens. It doesn’t matter whether an organisation is based in the UK,  America or Australia; if that organisation holds data on a European Union citizen then they have to comply with this new Regulation.

    You’ve probably picked up from the previous paragraph that this legislation is from the European Union. However Brexit will not make a difference as GDPR is going to be enshrined into UK law on May 25th in the guise of the Data Protection Act (currently Bill) 2018.

    Getting started

    w/c 21st May Please note that due to leading up to GDPR this week we are unable to offer GDPR advice by phone


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Please note that this information is intended to help churches during their own preparations for GDPR, and should not be taken as legal advice. You should seek your own legal guidance to ensure compliance with GDPR. The current advice given by the ICO is still changing, and we will do our best to update this page as soon as anything new is released.